[CT Birds] best song of them all........

jayne.amico at cox.net jayne.amico at cox.net
Sun Jul 18 21:54:01 EDT 2010

Ya know I have finally decided that my favorite song or favorite bird to watch, or to rehab is the bird I am listening to at the moment, watching or holding in my hands. 

I suppose there are some I feel just a bit more strongly about in all regards, chimney swifts, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, etc... not big songsters of course but their vocalizations delight me, but I do agree that the thrushes are incredible songsters. I rarely hear the hermit but very much enjoy listening to the wood thrush each evening here at the sanctuary and the occasional veery.

For me songs inspire different feelings/emotions. The baltimore oriole's song is a welcome back Spring song raising my spirits, as does the phoebe. The rose breasted grosbeak's song always stops me dead in my tracks to listen to the wonderful whistled melody that always makes me smile. The wood thrush inspires a peaceful feeling, the day is over time to unwind..

I truly could not imagine a world without songbirds!

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

---- Carrier Graphics <carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
> While sitting on the deck after dinner, as another hot sunny July day changed to 
> a cool shady one, The only sound to be heard was the beautiful flute song of a 
> Hermit Thrush emanating out from the dark hemlock woods. 

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