[CT Birds] Fw: thrushes

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Mon Jul 19 15:03:17 EDT 2010

So true David.

Its really up to the listener and what special bird songs bring up to them that 
counts. We are all made and composed so differently. I feel an up lifting 
emotional state whenever i hear the hermit, just as you do the wood thrush. I 
think all the thrushes songs bring out the emotions in us. Special birds to be 
sure. I remember the Wood thrush's song so well growing up in the hills of West 
Hartford. When I moved here to Harwinton many years later, I heard the Hermit 
Thrushes song for the first time while back packing the wilds of Barkhamsted and 
Nepaug areas. bedding down for the night to the Hermit Thrushes song was a 
spiritual thing for me, and that's what sets his song apart from all the others. 
Still does to this day..............

Wow - we sure hit an emotional high here, for I have received so many personal e 
mails regarding bird songs and what they mean to each of us. 

Thanks for the many replys all.............Paul  Carrier

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