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Mon Jul 19 21:11:40 EDT 2010

I've read everybody's posts on this topic with interest and enjoyment.  Thanks to Paul Carrier for starting the thread. 

As for the Thrushes, I'd have to give my vote to the Wood Thrush because it was one of the first birdsongs 

I got to know as a 'fledgling birder", but the hermit's song is equally as beautiful.  

I echo Jamie Meyer's sentiments in noting the beautiful song of the Winter Wren - such a song from such a tiny bird! 

I have to say I also enjoy the talented mimicry of both the Brown Thrasher and Northern Mocking bird - from a high 

perch when they are in full spring hormonal swing.  And I laugh when I hear the Catbird with all of its meows, cat calls, 

squeaks, squawks and chatters - always sounds like the bird is having a complex conversation with itself. 

another beautiful song that I had the privilege of hearing last month was the call of the western meadowlark 

on the beautiful rolling native prairie lands of south dakota and eastern Montana.  what a wonderful song to hear 

echoing for miles along the countryside.   But I must say,  for a sheer primordial thrill, i still get a little chill up my 

spine, when i hear the 'ancient" croak of the raven.   gotta love those corvids. 

Mona Cavallero 

West Hartford, CT

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