[CT Birds] New Britain Stadium/Willowbrook Park

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 20 22:17:20 EDT 2010

Pursuant to a couple of recent discussions/threads on here, at the Willowbrook Park/New Britain Stadium complex on the Berlin/New Britain line, the nesting Ospreys returned this year and appear to have successfully nested.  I took some time on Sunday during a dull Rock Cats game to walk around to the soccer stadium and saw three birds, one sitting atop the light stanchion they've been using and two down in the nest.  I never assume things but it seems likely that those are young with one adult keeping watch.  The two are very well grown, like Paul C's Wethersfield birds.  The height of the tower and the placement of the nest among the lights makes it difficult to see inside.

Monk Parakeet action has not been as noticeable from the baseball field this year and I figured out why on Sunday.  They have switched to a light stanchion that is further away from the ballpark.  I have never actually seen young but I saw parakeets coming and going from two different nests on the same structure.

In light of the Fish Crow discussion, they are everywhere at this location this year.  I think they must have just successfully bred because there's been even more recently.  On Sunday I heard a raven in the distance then saw one later during the game (more interesting than watching another loss for the home team, of which there have been many).  Ravens have been far less active in the vicinity this year.  A couple Fish Crows put on quite an acrobatic show behind the center field fence that was really fun to watch.  I'm probably the only one in the 5,000 person crowd who paid much attention to it, though.  Lucky me!

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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