[CT Birds] hummingbird & bee balm question

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I've seen the hummingbirds come repeatedly over a few days to the same 
flower, but even if it looks like they aren't getting anything, don't 
deadhead them -- the finches eat the seeds in the winter.  I leave the 
flower heads on thru the winter and cut them down in spring, and the birds 
have a grand time all during the snowy months.  Same goes for goldenrod, 
sunflowers (although they usually get eaten long before fall), heliopsis, 
and coneflowers.

Sarah Faulkner
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> 7/20
> After planting a "hummingbird garden 3 yrs. ago (mostly bee balm), it has
> now matured and I have been having a female hummingbird (maybe more than
> one)  coming to it daily.  My question is...Does the bee balm nectar
> "rejuvenate"  daily?  Like how many times can a hummingbird visit a flower 
> and still
> get  nourishment from it?  Should one "dead head" the bee balm in order to
> encourage new growths?
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Bev Propen, Orange
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