[CT Birds] West Hartford Reservoir Meeting

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They should look at the system the Regional Water Authority uses in southern 
Connecticut. It work's very well. http://www.rwater.com/recreation/

Jim Dionne 

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I attended the Meeting last night. The town hall was packed to overflowing, with 
hundreds more outside who could not get in. MDC officials spoke first about the 
situation and said they had not yet reached a decision on whether or not to 
close the res and ALL their other properties to public access. This includes the 
Barkhamstead reservoir, Lake McDonough, the Nepaug reservoir area, the 
Greenwoods section in Barkhamstead and New Hartford and others. 

Richard Blumenthal spoke and said his office would support legislation to close 
the liability loophole in the current state law.  David Baram, state rep from 
Bloomfield,  said he was introducing a bill that would achieve this. Mayors from 
the surrounding towns also spoke in support, along with West Hartford town 

Many CFPA, Mountain Bike Association, and other organizations' officials spoke 
in support of keeping the reservoirs open. The public then began commentary, all 
in support of the reservoir and its value to the community. I left after almost 
2 hours. It was really great to see such overwhelming community support, not 
only from the immediately surrounding towns, but also from folks from all over 
the state.

For us in the birding community, this affects many areas we typically like to 
bird. The effects are potentially far reaching if the MDC properties are closed. 
Many municipalities are also affected by this liability loophole, and towns may 
consider closing their properties to the public if a precedent is set.  A 
website, savethemdctrails.org has been set up for information or access the CFPA 
site at ctwoodlands.org

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