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Wed Jul 21 14:07:14 EDT 2010

7/21  Milford,  Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center    10AM-1PM
sunny, 90, mid tide receding.
At 10AM the female osprey was on her perch, her wings spread and drooping  
(from the heat?). The 4 juveniles were on the nest.  At 10:15AM  3  stray 
ospreys were circling the nest (juveniles squawking alot), and one of the  
stray ospreys was being harassed by 5 Common terns(I think that's what they  
were-definitely not gulls).At  11:10AM the male returned with a fish and  one 
of the juveniles was eating it for over an hour.  At 12:05PM the female  
brought in a fish and was feeding 2 of the juveniles.  One of the juveniles  
got its claw stuck in the fish and it was hobbling on the nest for about 2  
minutes until it dislodged the fish.  The female was yanking on the fish,  as 
the juvenile was trying to disentangle itself - which it finally did.  I  
observed 3 of the 4 juveniles fly around the marsh.  
Since 2005 the female has laid 4 eggs.  In 2008, 2009, 2010 all four  eggs 
have hatched and fledged.
also observed were 4 PURPLE MARTINS, starlings, common grackles, Redwinged  
blackbirds, chickadees, gold finches, house finches, house sparrows, song  
sparrow, Robin, Cardinal, mourning doves, cowbirds,  1 D.C. Cormorant, 1  
mallard, 3 Great Egrets, 1 Snowy egret, semipalmated sandpipers and heard
a yellow warbler.
Bev Propen, Orange

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