[CT Birds] Hammonasset

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 21:57:58 EDT 2010

7.20-7.21.10 HBSP


7.20.10 Laughing Gull ( 1 ) Injured on neck area. west beach paved parking.

Lesser Yellow Legs ( 1 ) In grassy area where the godwit was

Female American Kestral ( 1 ) ( Unusual for this time of year, I have only seen males there and always in the fall )

she was perched on a metal pole in the restored marshland, and was viewed from east beach gravel/grassy parking.


7.21.10 4 adult Laughing Gulls with 3 juv's. west beach paved parking.

Little Blue Heron, " Swan Pond " marsh area.

Glossy Ibis, Marsh near nature center

Least Sandpipers all over, west beach rain pools,east beach rainpools and meigs grass parking and rain pools

Killdeer are also abundant at the grass parking area near the nature center. I stopped counting at 60

Willow Flycatcher, tall grass bordering restored wetland.



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