[CT Birds] Red-breasted Nuthatches, Boston Hollow, Ashford/Union 7-22-10

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Thu Jul 22 19:51:55 EDT 2010

Things were pretty quiet in Boston Hollow today, but I  pulled over in a 
turn-out and saw a small bird land on a great big white  pine.  I expected to 
see an Brown Creeper, but it was a RED-BREASTED  -NUTHATCH!  turned out 
there were 2 of them, both fledgling/juveniles, all  fluffly and blotchy.  I 
have been looking for them there all year and never  saw or heard one, and 
still haven't seen an adult, but obviously they are  there.  Birds seemed to be 
on their own, but couldn't have been for  long.  
My list is still growing for BH.
Don Morgan,  Coventry


"Think, every morning when the sun peeps through
The dim, leaf-latticed windows of the grove,
How jubilant the happy birds renew
Their old, melodious madrigals of love!"
H.W.  Longfellow

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