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Fri Jul 23 19:04:51 EDT 2010

The following is posted on behalf of Jeremiah Trimble. These are, IMO,
the best deep-water pelagic trips that the northeast US has to offer.
For us pelagic-starved CT residents, we are forced to go out of state
to see these birds and other animals:

"There is still some space available on the Brookline Bird Club
Overnight Extreme Pelagic scheduled for August 28 - 29.  Sign up while
you still can!  This trip represents a unique chance to explore this
interesting and rarely visited area.  The avian possibilities are
impressive as previous trips have shown.  Also, the fact that this is
a two-day trip will allow us even greater opportunity to explore at a
more leisurely pace and to reach deeper waters.  We will be in place
to bird these waters at dusk and dawn (and at night!), times when
seabirds tend to be quite active and times when few birders are
present in these areas.  To pique your interest, I have prepared a
slideshow of images from past BBC Pelagic trips:


I can't emphasize enough what an amazing opportunity these trips are
to view rarely seen and poorly known species of birds.  For example,
the BBC trips have proven to be the most consistent trips in the
United States (!) for encountering the rarely observed White-faced
Storm-Petrel in North American waters.  This species is sought after
by not only Massachusetts birders but folks from throughout the United
States.  Other species that we will be searching for are Band-rumped
Storm-Petrel and Audubon's Shearwaters, species which appear to be
regular in offshore warm water areas that this trip will be focusing
on.  The possibilities are endless and who could forget the extreme
rarities that these trips have discovered including Barolo Shearwater
and Black-capped Petrel!

Beyond birds, these trips also have an amazing track record for
producing other pelagic highlights.  Most recently, we encountered TWO
Blue Whales! This species is EXTREMELY rare in the Atlantic and most
seasoned pelagic veterans in the Atlantic have never seen this species
here.  We consistently see many of the other large whales including
Sperm Whales and a wide range of smaller marine mammals.  Combined
with sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, flying fish,
Portuguese Man-o-war's, Ocean Sunfish, Basking Sharks and more, these
trips are unforgettable. If you have friends that are not necessarily
focused on birds let them know that this trip is still for them!

Please contact Ida Giriunas as soon as possible to book your spot on
this trip and I look forward to seeing you out there!

Details of trip below:

Good birding,
Jeremiah Trimble
Cambridge, MA

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 29, 2010: 5:30AM Saturday TO 6:00PM SUNDAY,
Hyannis to off-shore areas: Hydrographer, Veatch and Veatch's Canyons

Birds expected: AUDUBON'S, Greater, Sooty, Cory's and Manx
Shearwaters, Leach's & Wilson's Storm Petrels,
Parasitic and Pomarine Jaegers, Gannets, Gulls, Terns and several
marine mammals.
We hope to see WHITE-FACED STORM-PETRELS! Also: Skuas, Bridled Tern and
 other rarities are possible. It was in August, 2007 when we found a
 Barolo Shearwater in the Canyons so anything is possible.
                Maximum participants:  #50
                COSTS:   BBC Members: $295
                           Non-members: $315

Please be advised that because of the possible increase in the cost of
fuel, there may be a surcharge to cover any extra expense.
Rick Heil, Steve Mirick, Jeremiah Trimble and Marshall Iliff lead
these trips.  Our boat, the Helen H, is a very comfortable, fast, 100 foot
fishing boat with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Captain and crew. There
are 38 bunks  aboard which will be available to the first 38 who sign up.
There is a full galley with excellent food at reasonable prices.  Parking
is free.
To reserve a space, send a check for the full amount made out to the
'BROOKLINE BIRD CLUB AGENT' along with a signed waiver to:  Ida Giriunas,
83 Summer Ave., Reading, MA, 01867 and include either your email or your
postal address for confirmation, boarding instructions and further information.

For additional information and the waiver to be signed, contact Ida at
781-944-5135 or ida8 at verizon.net"

Nick Bonomo

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