[CT Birds] Milford Black Skimmer

John Marshall johnmarshall47 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 17:09:58 EDT 2010

>From John  Marshall:
7/25/10 - Milford, Milford Point --  BLACK SKIMMER, ROSEATE TERN
7/25/10 - New London, Orient Point Ferry -- 2 ROSEATE TERN
7/23/10 - Stratford, Short Beach -- 3 FORSTER'S TERN

This afternoon at about 3:30 there was a Black Skimmer on the far bar at
Milford Point.  Earlier at about 2:30 there was a Roseate Tern on th near
bar.  I also had 2 Roseate Terns in Connecticut waters seen from the Orient
Point Ferry  at about 7:30 this morning.
Late Friday afternoon at Short Beach in Stratford there were 3 Forster's
Terns flying down river and calling.  I apologize for the lateness of the

John Marshall

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