[CT Birds] Sharp-shinned Hawk family

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Jul 26 23:30:37 EDT 2010

I stopped into Bigelow Hollow SP in Union today, and as I was  driving 
through the park I heard a bird scream loudly and fly back into the  trees.  
When I stopped and listened I heard several similar screams, and my  first 
thought was Broad-winged Hawks, but they really didn't sound quite  right.  The 
calls got closer and eventually 2 birds came whizzing through  the woods to 
the road, and then dashed into the trees again.  I didn't get  much of a 
look, they were definitely small hawks, but I wasn't so sure about  
Broad-wings.  They were actively flying around and calling just off the  road, and 
eventually I spotted one tee'd up on a branch.  At that point I  finally got a 
good enough look to ID them as Sharp-shinned Hawks, but the calls  I was 
hearing were nothing like what I had on my player.  then I heard,  first one, 
then another call with the proper warbling scream, and I realized I  had 2 
adults and several fledglings.  I'm quite sure there were 3  youngsters, one 
having a much higher and thinner voice than the other 2.  I  determined the 
number mostly because of where the screams were coming  from.  It was very 
windy, so there is lots of noise in the background, but  I managed to get 
recordings of the young screaming, I believe, begging for  mom and dad to come 
with lunch.  Since I haven't found any recordings with  this screaming call, 
it might be useful for comparison purposes.  Here's a  link to the MP3 track: 
I have added a couple of posts to my blog recently, with a few  pics and 

Don Morgan,  Coventry


"Think, every morning when the sun peeps through
The dim, leaf-latticed windows of the grove,
How jubilant the happy birds renew
Their old, melodious madrigals of love!"
H.W.  Longfellow

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