[CT Birds] Chipmunks Gone!

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Wed Jul 28 12:47:06 EDT 2010

Recently, someone commented here about the scarcity of Chipmunks they were 

    Well in my Harwinton yard, In mid June, I counted 12 Chipmunks within my 
1-1/2 acre lot. I made sure none were double counted and I suspect their were 
even more. This last week of July, I haven't seen even ONE !!

    Someone also posted that they believed a Red-shouldered Hawk was the cause 
of their Chipmunk disappearances. I am now believing that to be true, because I 
have a pair that nest near, and they use my pond and property as a hunting area 
daily. I have seen them take frogs, snakes and once a Chipmunk several years 
ago. So if this be the case, this pair has wiped out this entire population of 
Chipmunks in my yard, and I would guess many more in the adjacent surrounding 
areas as well.
     I believe most predators are to varying degrees opportunistic, and will 
feed on what is most available and easy to catch. Chipmunks this year were sure 
up in numbers substantially, and I would guess, this pair of hawks used 
Chipmunks for prey till the numbers became sparse. 

Hawks - they never stop amazing me..............  Paul Carrier

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