[CT Birds] Death of a House Finch

Susanne Shrader birdgirrl at comcast.net
Wed Jul 28 20:38:14 EDT 2010

I have had two sick young House Finches in the last three weeks.  In both cases, they were both sitting right next to my pond, the first was wet as if it were trying to drink and fell in.  They barely moved when I picked them up to move them out of the hot sun.  I put drops of water on their beaks, but neither seemed interested.  The first was able to perch so I put it on a branch and later it was gone.  Today's victim could not perch, and lay there and died a hour later.  Boy, did I cry.  Should I report this to a CT zoonotic health authority?

Susanne Shrader
birdgirrl at comcast.net

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