[CT Birds] Chipmunks Gone? I wish!

Susanne Shrader birdgirrl at comcast.net
Wed Jul 28 20:48:14 EDT 2010

We literally have at least 50 chipmunks just within 100 feet of my house.  This has been for years, and the damage continues to grow.  They have destroyed my New England rock walls, costing me $10,000 to rebuild- twice in 10 years!  They make mounds of rocks and dirt in my lawn and sit on the edge looking like Prairie Dogs.  They throw rocks out of my leach field.  They put holes in flower beds and even in potted plants.  I had a nuisance wildlife controller come, who said I had an invasion, and spilled birdseed keeps them fat.  Help, send your hawks!

Susanne Shrader
birdgirrl at comcast.net

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