[CT Birds] Chipmunk scarcity

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Wed Jul 28 22:22:12 EDT 2010

Found this info about Chipmunks interesting to my last post if your 

At all seasons, chipmunks are diurnal, i.e., leaving their burrows only during 
day light. They are LEAST ACTIVE  during hot, windy, or rainy weather, and 
during some years, may SELDOM VENTURE from their burrows in JULY and AUGUST, a 
response to scarce food and botfly parasitism rather than hot temperatures.

Could this be why I see no more Chipmunks lately? We will see .......

Predators: Owls,(must be Barred Owls, for they are I believe the only day time 
hunting owls here ) hawks, coyotes, foxes, martens, fishers, bobcats, raccoons, 
and even red squirrels are some of the predators of the eastern chipmunk.

Paul Carrier

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