[CT Birds] Hummer Behavior and Baby Cardinal Questions

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Hi everyone,

Surprisingly no answers/comments to my questions about the hummer behavior and cardinal baby.  Just thought I'd inquire again, since maybe it's because they're buried in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.

Either that or everyone is on vacation...

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Have to chime in on the chipmunks.  We have at least 50-60 on our 1.5 acre lot, which is surrounded by about 10 undeveloped acres (and I hear many out there too).  This is despite having two red-tailed hawks resident in the back woods.  The munks are frigging everywhere and no reduction is apparent.

Question about hummers:  I've had three coming to my feeder all summer (1 male, 1 definite female, 1 immature).  Suddenly within the past two days the immature is chasing the female away from the feeder virtually constantly.  What is the cause of this?  Doesn't it expend too much energy to do this when there's more than enough to go around?

Finally, to my surprise, in the past week a male Cardinal has showed up with a juvenile in tow and constantly whimpering to be fed.  The youngster is clearly not yet feeding on his own, as I see them back in the woods where the male continues to feed him (not just at my feeder).  Isn't it awfully late for there to be a baby?  It is so young that it's difficult to tell whether it's a male or female, although my bet is it's a male.

north Stamford

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