[CT Birds] Another chance to make a big difference for land conservation with one click, this time with a national scope

COMINS, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Fri Jul 30 10:52:00 EDT 2010

Last week your emails helped to secure $6M in funding to protect key open space in the Connecticut River Watershed through the Conte Refuge.  Now we have an opportunity to help secure funding to protect key bird habitats and open space throughout the country.  Please see the alert below for an important opportunity to weigh in with a click of the mouse, or you can customize or add your own message to your representative.  Your voice counts!

Land and Water Conservation Fund Protects Wildlife Habitat
Contact Legislators to Secure Full Funding

Let your Representative know you want full funding and more land acquisition for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The tragedy of the BP Oil Spill reminds us how vulnerable our public lands, waters, and wildlife are to harm. This tragedy has also created an opportunity to fully fund a key land conservation program the Land and Water Fund (LWCF). We have a chance to ensure that LWCF finally receives the sustained funding promised when it was first created 45 years ago.

Tell your lawmakers to keep the promise to use all the funding deposited in LWCF to protect the our natural lands for future generations of people and wildlife! www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=901

Why Your Email is Important
LWCF is currently authorized to receive a very small percentage of revenue from offshore leases for oil and gas - $900 million out of an average of $9 billion each year. Yet, this fund never receives even that amount. Instead, Congress and various Administrations have diverted many of these funds from their intended purpose - land acquisition - to other uses. Today, the LWCF has an authorized balance of more than $17 billion that should have been spent on conservation, but was not - a $17 billion broken promise.

Audubon Priorities for Land Acquisition

Arizona: Coconino National Forest Fossil Creek
California: Tahoe/El Dorado National Forests
Florida: St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
Texas: San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, Austin's Woods
New Hampshire/Maine: Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge
Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Vermont/Connecticut: Silvio Conte Refuge
Minnesota: Superior/Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota Wilderness
South Carolina: Congaree National Park

All of these areas are strong priorities for the Audubon field and chapter network and will protect important bird and wildlife habitat. Help us get them funded!

 Please email your House member today. Let him/her know that fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund is important to you and to the future of birds and wildlife.


Do you know someone else who cares about securing wildlife habitat for the future? Help us to spread the word:
 Tell-a-friend! http://www.audubonaction.org/site/TellAFriend?msgId=7441.0&devId=10921

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