[CT Birds] Chipmunk scarcity

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Don't forget the common house cat.


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> Found this info about Chipmunks interesting to my last post if your
> interested........
> At all seasons, chipmunks are diurnal, i.e., leaving their burrows only 
> during
> day light. They are LEAST ACTIVE  during hot, windy, or rainy weather, and
> during some years, may SELDOM VENTURE from their burrows in JULY and 
> response to scarce food and botfly parasitism rather than hot 
> temperatures.
> Could this be why I see no more Chipmunks lately? We will see .......
> Predators: Owls,(must be Barred Owls, for they are I believe the only day 
> time
> hunting owls here ) hawks, coyotes, foxes, martens, fishers, bobcats, 
> raccoons,
> and even red squirrels are some of the predators of the eastern chipmunk.
> Paul Carrier

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