[CT Birds] Stratford marina - Long Billed Dowitcher

John M. Oshlick joshlic at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 31 12:09:41 EDT 2010

Stratford Marina (low tide) - 1 long billed dowitcher feeding with 2 short billed
dowitchers. I was able to get good looks at this bird for about 30min as it fed
with the 2 short billed dowitchers. The bird appeared larger and wider. When it
was feeding it appeared to have the round "swallowed a grapefruit" look. It had a
noticabley longer bill with a subtle downward curve. It was completely uniformly
orange on its underside including its entire underside area to the tail. It also
seemed to have the "loral angle" sign that some say you can use to separate long-
billed from short billed dowitchers. it was a very distinctive bird that stood out
from the other 2 dowitchers. Due to the structural differences i feel that it is a
long billed dowitcher and not a hendersoni short billed. 

John Oshlick

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