[CT Birds] White-tailed Kite-Details

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sun Aug 1 09:30:05 EDT 2010

I went to Short Beach Stratford to sit for several hours to watch the  
shorebirds as the tide went out.

At around 8:00 I noticed some Common Terns attacking another white  
bird that was about half again as large. Upon further study, I  
noticed it had long pointed wings, a long square tail and black  
shoulder patches. I concluded I was looking at a Kite. Further  
observations included a black mask. The bird continued to fly south  
along the shore and into the trees of Stratford Pt. I have seen this  
species before in Louisiana.

I have no cell phone therefore
I drove to the point but it was closed.
I drove to Milford Pt. and no one was around
I drove home and here I am.


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