Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Sun Aug 1 11:43:39 EDT 2010

 From Alex Burdo:
I'll be brief in my excitement to get this up:
I arrived at Stratford Point to find Scott K., Charlie B. and Matt ?  
looking at a beautiful adult WHITE-TAILED KITE out in the fields  
behind the gun club. During the time I was there, the bird was  
frequenting a single tree out into the field aways as a perch. On  
occasion it would take off and start hover-hunting around the field  
and once passed right over the heads of many waiting birders. I heard  
from many people there that this is a first CT Record. Many photos  
were obtained by several different people to back up the ID. By the  
time I left, many more birders had arrived on the scene.

I plan on posting a bunch of photos on my blog ASAP: http://floridascrubjay.wordpress.com/

Alexander Burdo
Fairfield, CT
alexanderburdo at mac.com

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