[CT Birds] Stratford White-tailed Kite photos

Rick Baumhauer rick.baumhauer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 02:34:21 EDT 2010

Just a quick selection of some of the better shots I got late this afternoon, after the bird finally abandoned its favorite resting tree to do some hunting.  Given the distance of the bird, these are all heavily-cropped.  Overall, I'm pleased with how they came out.


I did get very lucky in getting a good shot as the bird took off with its dinner (a vole) - I watched the bird dive on the prey, the whole time believing it would pull out as it had on all of the several dives we witnessed over about a thirty minute period.  To my surprise, the bird continued to ground, and I saw where it landed and was able to get the camera on it as it popped back up.  There were a few passable shots, but one was clearly the best.

It was great to spend time among a great group of birders (from at least three states) and to put faces to some familiar CT Birds names (Twan, Scott - who I actually met while watching a Purple Gallinule a few years back, Frank Mantlik).  Thanks again to Dennis Varza for the outstanding find - such a beautiful bird, and well worth the few hours invested.

Rick Baumhauer
Hamden, CT

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