[CT Birds] Babies

lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 17:47:42 EDT 2010

>From Lisa east Hampton. 8/3/10. Youngins in the yard and area now. White breasted nut hatches, chipping sparrows, downy woods, Carolina wrens, morning doves, blue jays, among some others that look young. Red shouldered hawks have been quiet. Lots of swifts moving about, 3 bats moving around the yard in the evenings. Which I'm glad to see. And the gold finches have been out & around in numerous amounts sometimes up 2 10 that I've seen, they feed in my yard and nieghbors on feeders and flowers that are planted for them! Still waiting to see if I end up with the 2 screech owls in the yard like last summer @ this time. Have seen lots of other young creatures out and about alone and with parents! Hope everyone is enjoying the summer its been the best 1 that I can recall in a while! Oh ya still have 2 f hummingbirds and the 1 male coming in. Lisa . 
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