[CT Birds] Kite trivia -- and some pictures

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Wed Aug 4 11:40:58 EDT 2010

When I first saw Dennis' post on the presence of the Wt Kite,  the first 
thing I did was grab Sibley and look it up, because I really never  heard of 
it.  Then this morning, I was browsing through the Sept-Oct issue  of 
Wildbird mag and noticed a picture of the previous (Jul-Aug) cover.  It  was a full 
frame picture of a White-tailed Kite!  Guess I didn't spend much  time with 
that 1.  Caption says "These hawks typically hunt by rapidly  beating their 
wings to hover over open fields and look for small  rodents".   Interesting 
because when I was there Monday, no one really  knew what they are supposed 
to be eating.  Since then I know it has been  seen and photographed with a 
vole in its talons.  No other info that I've  found in the magazine.  I got 
a few digiscoped pictures of the bird, poor  in comparison to some that have 
been posted,  but these are pretty good  looks at the bird perched, so I'll 
pass them along, as its really a striking  bird!  When observing the bird 
it looked very sleek and smooth all over,  but in these pictures the breast 
is kind of fluffy!

Don Morgan,  Coventry


"Think, every morning when the sun peeps through
The dim, leaf-latticed windows of the grove,
How jubilant the happy birds renew
Their old, melodious madrigals of love!"
H.W.  Longfellow

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