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Wed Aug 4 13:54:29 EDT 2010

8/4  Milford,  Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center   10AM-1PM
cloudy,  80-85, low tide receding. viewed from windows overlooking  marsh.
At 10AM there were 2 Juvenile ospreys on the nest each eating their own  
The adult male was on the perch eating a fish with another juvenile  
watching it.  At 10:30AM there were 2 ospreys circling overhead and then  one 
chasing the other.  One had a fish in its talons and the osprey in  pursuit 
actually collided with and had locked talons with the other  osprey.  They both 
continued flying off to the west, but it was difficult  to see if the fish 
was wrested from the talons of the first osprey.
At one point this morning there were 5 Juvenile ospreys on the nest, so  
they had a visitor from another location.  Around 11AM one of the juvenile  
ospreys brought in its own fish.
Other birds observed this morning was the juvenile YELLOW CROWNED NIGHT  
HERON, a Great Egret, 2 Snowy egrets,  a Great Blue Heron, several mute  
swans, several terns (I couldn't determine if least or common), 
2 semipalmated plovers, semipalmated sandpipers,
about 12 Black ducks with a few mallards mixed in(possibly mallardXblack  
duck cross) since the mallards did not look exactly like mallards do.
House sparrows, house finches, Red winged blackbirds, mourning doves,  
catbirds, mockingbirds, starlings and 2 comical juvenile Common grackles  
thrashing the fiddler crabs around before eating them.
Bev Propen, Orange

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