[CT Birds] help needed with swifts

jayne.amico at cox.net jayne.amico at cox.net
Fri Aug 6 12:22:44 EDT 2010

CT Birders -

 I am in a HUGE jam!  I am beyond desperate at this point! I am unable to locate a swift roost and have birds who are wayyy ready for release that are very stressed out with me holding them. Is there anyone who would be willing to volunteer some time each evening to seek out a swift roost?

Classic roosts are old brick schools, churches and factories.

The reason the birds cannot just be released is that many of their behaviors are learned such as going into a chimney at dusk, where to forage, where and how to drink water on their own for the first time etc... They would land on trees if released without a group of swifts at a roost site.

Criteria - It has to be a large concentration of birds that are SEEN and COUNTED entering a chimney. Small groups of birds under 10 usually mean it is a family/nesting chimney and others are not welcome. Flybys are not helpful. Swifts are very much still present in CT but all the known roosts so far have proven to be nesting chimneys this year or are just plain not active. It is VERY difficult for me to go because I need to be feeding the birds in rehab until dusk.

I am really low on help this year and have put so much effort into these amazing and declining birds to c it fail at this point. If anyone can volunteer some hours each evening I would be so appreciative! I currently have 38 swifts here! I am panicking!

I can be reached at 860-276-8433

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT


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