[CT Birds] Kite 610 Stratford Point FIGHTS Peregrine

kbosch at gmail.com kbosch at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 18:29:46 EDT 2010

Wow! While we watched a close on the telephone pole banded juvenile Peregrine Falcon the Kite came in. It started to hover to hunt as the Peregrine went right at it absolutely gunning for it. They fought in mid-air for 3 minutes progressively going away to over Short Beach and up the river a bit then splittling off with the Peregrine going to Short Beach and the Kite going until I could not see it over Milford Point, dropping down. Crazy...so it's there now somewhere. Great to see but we all would have gotten to see the kite hunt and then eat had it not happened. I hope it finds a meal in Milford now.

Scott Kruitbosch

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