[CT Birds] More like a Juv Sora Rail

Mardi Dickinson mardi1 at optonline.net
Mon Aug 9 09:40:39 EDT 2010

Birders et all,

I Just s/w Mimi Dekker. Mimi asked me to post this information. She  
has not seen the bird so
far this morning and will be in-touch and notify if it returns.

Mimi said with further study from books and talking with others that  
the bird is more likely
to be a juv SORA RAIL than what they initially thought. Mimi described  
to me the  behavior was
like a rail but she said the color pattern was more like a juv SORA  
RAIL NOT like a Yellow Rail.
Mill Pond is across the road from the Nursery and mostly likely  
wandered over from Mill Pond.

Thats all I know but wanted to get the info out ASAP. If I hear  
anything further I will contact
and post further infomation.

Mardi Dickinson

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Roy Harvey <rmharvey at snet.net>
> Date: August 8, 2010 11:21:42 PM EDT
> To: ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org
> Subject: [CT Birds] Possible Yellow Rail in Fairfield
> I received a response to my request for more information on the  
> possible Yellow Rail sighting in Fairfield yesterday.
> Mimi Dekker wrote:
> Roy, I spotted the Yellow Rail, yesterday morning about 9:15 and on  
> and off until about noon, at Oliver Nurseries, 1159 Bronson Road,  
> Fairfield, CT.
> I work at the nursery. I was showing a colleague an area of the  
> nursery and we saw the Yellow Rail on the ground in our alpine rock  
> garden foraging like a little chicken. It ran under some shrubs, we  
> got a good look at it and its distinguishing characteristics. Went  
> online and looked it up, and confirmed when we went back out to the  
> same area and heard the bird's call. It never took flight, only  
> darted and ran around in a shady area of rock garden, then over to a  
> very shady, moist mulch bed. It kept running under the stock shrubs  
> in the nursery. When the sun took over this area, we no longer saw  
> the bird. Someone thought he saw it later in the day again in the  
> same proximity, but where it was now shaded.
> I passed that along to a few trusted advisers and Frank Mantlik  
> spoke with Mimi briefly to get more details.  He said "her  
> description (including behavior) definitely sounded like a small,  
> short-billed rail."  He also said (if he heard correctly, he was  
> driving when the call came in) that he could not rule out a juvenile  
> Sora from the description, and that if Mimi saw it again on Monday  
> she would call him.
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls, CT
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