[CT Birds] Cedar Waxwings in a Box???

Robert Jones rtjone7 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 16:01:39 EDT 2010

On 6/28 I cleaned a Blue Bird box at Barn Island after House Wrens had
fledged.  One week later it contained a nest with 3 eggs.  The nest had a
twig base, with grass and moss.  It came only about half way to the hole.
One week later, still 3 eggs.  Two weeks later, on 7/26 it contained 3
young, which did not look like wrens.  Two weeks later, on 8/9, the nest was
empty.  There were several feathers remaining.  One had a yellow tip, which
made me think of Waxwings.  The surface of the nest was covered with what
appeared to be cherry pits, also consistent with waxwings.  The nest
construction is consistent with waxwings, according to The Birder's
Handbook.  But Cedar Waxwings nest in trees.

Has anyone seen or heard of Cedar Waxwings nesting in cavities or boxes?
Other possibilities?  The feather pattern, nest construction and cherry pits
don't seem right for Great-crested Flycatchers.

Bob Jones

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