[CT Birds] Solitary Sandpipers & other notables in Litchfield & Winchester

Dave Rosgen dave at whitememorialcc.org
Tue Aug 10 17:34:07 EDT 2010

>From Dave Rosgen, w/ Caitlin Loftus:

8/9/10 - Litchfield, S. Lake St. (White Memorial Foundation's Little Pond
Boardwalk) - 2 Virginia Rails, 2 Solitary Sandpipers; Also, 18 Wood Ducks, 1
Great Blue Heron, 1 Great Egret, 3 Greater Yellowlegs, 1 Lesser Yellowlegs,
2 Least Sandpipers, 48 Chimney Swifts & 45 Barn Swallows circling around
overhead, 35 Cedar Waxwings. Note to Jayne: I think that the swifts and Barn
Swallows were strictly migrants passing through, as they appeared on the
northern horizon, and eventually disappeared to the south.

White's Woods Rd. (White Memorial Foundation's Cemetery Pond) - 1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 2 Purple Finches; Also, 14 Wood Ducks, 3 Great
Egrets, family of 5 Willow Flycatchers, 2 Eastern Bluebirds, 30 Cedar

>From Dave Rosgen:

8/10/10 - Winchester, 121 Laurel Way (Rosgen Wildlife Sanctuary) - 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch, 3 Purple Finches

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