[CT Birds] Reddish Egret report

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 11:45:09 EDT 2010

Last night a report of a Reddish Egret, without details, was posted on eBird from the East River Marshes in Guilford. There are no confirmed CT records, but the timing is right for this species. I eventually was able to contact the observer by email and obtained details that suggested a search for the bird would be worthwhile. I went out this morning and searched the overall area without success and also found out the observer did not see the bird as of this writing. Noble Proctor lives nearby, and when we last talked before I left, he had not found the bird. However, searching remains worthwhile in my opinion.
The bird was reported as a dark morph adult. It was seen both Tuesday and Wednesday from private property that is not accessible to the public. The observations were fairly brief so there's no reason to believe other portions of the marsh might not be as likely as this property to harbor the bird. The bird was seen in the marsh north of Route 1.
Here are some places were viewing is possible:
>From Exit 59 (Goose Lane) of Interstate 95 go north on Clapboard Hill Road to a spot where it crosses the East River. Looking south into the marshes from the bridge gives a view of the area where the bird was seen. Parking is basically non-existent. If you cross the bridge you very shortly come to a sign by a road to the right that says Meadowland - Private. Not a very small sign that directs you onto this road to reach Audubon Connecticut's Guilford Salt Marsh Sanctuary. Along that road a similar sign on the right directs you t sanctuary parking. You can walk toward the marsh (the section where the bird has been reported) although maneuvering around trees and along a trail is needed to get views of the marsh.
Heading back on Clapboard Hill Road the way you came, you can turn left on East River Road, which Ts into Rt 1. Closer to the Rt 1 end are couple places where parts of the marsh can be viewed. At Rt 1 turn left (east). The road very soon crosses the East River and there is ample commercial parking and pretty good views both north and south.
This whole area is close to the big saltmarshes at the mouth of the East River which can be viewed from the Guilford Town dock/boat launch and from the East River boat launch reached via Neck Road in Madison.
Of course Hammo is nearby and also worth checking.
Greg Hanisek

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