[CT Birds] Western or Scarlet Tanager (Brian Kleinman)

snaketat at cox.net snaketat at cox.net
Fri Aug 13 15:36:15 EDT 2010

Thanks to all of you who responded.  Here are some more details.

The bird was observed this morning around 9am  for about 5-6 minutes eating from a fruiting tree in my backyard (East Granby).  When I first put by binoculars up to this tanager I saw that it has very obvious wing bars, which I've seen on Scarlets before, but these were definitely more pronounced.  The bird feed for awhile constantly moving around and it did not vocalize.  I grabbed my Canon 40d with my 100mm Macro (for herp photography) and took some lousy shots.

I re-edited and enlarged the photos (from the first post). The quality of the photos are poor but the first shot of the bird flying is pretty interesting.


Thanks, and if the bird comes back tomorrow morning I'll try and get some better shots.

Brian Kleinman
Riverside Reptiles

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