[CT Birds] wtKite yes On Cedars at Milford Point

peeplo at aol.com peeplo at aol.com
Sat Aug 14 08:42:59 EDT 2010

The White-tailed Kite is sitting on its favorite Cedar on the Smith's Point section of Milford Point.  It was still there as of 8:35 a.m.  It may be possible to see the cedar from the tower on the building, but the area can be reached by walking the path in front of the building south out to the beach and heading west (right) below the high tide past the houses to Smith's Point.  Remember the area in front of the houses are private, and Smith's Point is USF&Wildlife and is closed above the high tide.  Also, please drive 25 or slower when coming down Milford Point Road.  Thank you.   Frank Gallo

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