[CT Birds] Birds & such @ haddam meadows.

lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 14 13:11:40 EDT 2010

>From Lisa g. 8/14/10. @ the meadows, where can you go bird watching & be in your bathing suit at the same time. This is great. Have seen 2 great egrets in the swamp, 1 gbh, 4 cormorants, about 20 female ducks mallards, 1 juvy tv, 2 adults, 3 red shouldered hawks, 2 red tails, 1 osprey, 1 killdeer, 1 semipalmeted plover, & numerous gulls jays crows goldfinches chicadees titmice catbirds robins song sparrows. Ect. Butterflies 5 different kinds. Enjoy your day. Lisa. 
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