[CT Birds] 8/14 Stratford: Kite, Pectoral, Boat-t G's; Sandy Pt: Whimbrel; Milf Pt : YCNHs, Forster's Terns

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 15 03:52:24 EDT 2010

After my first year of teaching, I went out west this summer:  25 states (up to 
46 now), 13 national parks (up to 32), 170 species of birds (18 life birds -- go 
to Bear Lake NWR in SE Idaho if you get the chance -- Clark's Grebes, Trumpeter 
Swans, Franklin's Gulls, Cinnamon Teal, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, White 
Pelicans, American Bittern, Black Terns, Swainson's Hawks), 29 species of 
mammals, 10 species of herps, 8000+ miles on the road = an awesome vacation!

Anyways, I went birding (for the first time in forever) in CT today (yesterday, 
but I'm still up so it counts as today) and saw a few good birds.  Stratford 
Point/Gun Club at about 7pm: WHITE-TAILED KITE; Access Rd pool: PECTORAL 
SANDPIPER; & Sikorsky Airport at dusk: about 7 BOAT-TAILED GRACKLES

Earlier in the day at West Haven, Sandy Point: WHIMBREL; and at Milford Point: 2 

It's been so long.  I actually forgot how to post things here.  Hope this 



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