[CT Birds] Stratford Point closed until evening

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 12:51:48 EDT 2010

FYI - I closed the gate to Stratford Point a few hours ago until the
evening, when it may be raining. The kite will likely still come, though it
may be a quick hunt.

If you are in Stratford Point after the gate is closed you can always leave.
The gate will open automatically. However, it will not open when you drive
up to it to enter. There is very little chance the kite will come back until
tonight. In the 1/100 chance it does I would rather it be left alone after a
stressful morning, last seen flying up the river after being flushed
repeatedly by ridiculously overzealous photographers/birders. Apart from the
poor behavior today we get a lot of people coming to see it in the middle of
the day. The chances of seeing it then are much less on a normal day, forget
today, and the views you get will be far. You need to get very lucky to see
it. In the morning and evening the views will be close. In the evening you
will be on the Stratford Point property. This is the time all the amazing
photos you see comes from. It is nearly a nightly ritual for some people as
well as the kite. When it is here in the evening please stay in the driveway
or mowed lawn up to the grasslands, even off the perimeter paths. We all try
to keep away from going down the paths or "surrounding" it with people and
those spots also give all the people the best views. This is getting
repetitive, and I'm sorry for those who know all of this and respect the
kite and property, but this is why it is here for the 15th day.

Do NOT trespass onto Stratford Point is when the gate is closed to run after
it. It is private property. Stratford Point is owned by DuPont, not the town
of Stratford or even the Connecticut Audubon Society. It is not a public
area, and is opened on the weekends essentially because I feel like opening
it for visitors to enjoy the amazing raptor. I update it constantly for the
same reason. If this sort of thing continues I will not continually open
Stratford Point up on the weekend. Additionally, respect the rules and hours
at Milford Point and the many private properties surrounding it. Many people
are still coming to see it for the first time. Some people drive hours to
get here. Running it off is horrible for the kite and very disrespectful to
everyone say the least. Very few people had a chance to see the kite or get
any extended viewings this morning because of these actions. If you have
questions about how to approach it, when to visit, what it can take, the
best spot to photograph it, email me. I get many but answer nearly all as I
can. With that said, while I do not know who was chasing it down I am sure
they knew what they were doing. As Frank Gallo has repeatedly requested
please drive slowly in all areas, especially on the tight 25MPH roads near
Milford Point. Please remind everyone of these simple guidelines and rules,
especially those who may not be reading this directly before visiting.

I apologize for even having to email this sort of thing to the list and the
99% very responsible and respectful birders. We have been fortunate to have
a near-perfect experience for everyone until today.

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT
Connecticut Audubon Society

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