[CT Birds] WT Kite, Stratford 8/17

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Tue Aug 17 22:08:30 EDT 2010

The kite flew in as usual and performed well for the small gathering of birders 
and photographers in the soft evening light.
Visitors from New York and Rhode Island were rewarded with spectacular views as 
the bird hunted, but didnt ultimately catch any food.

Interestingly this 2nd-cal yr bird has nearly finished growing in all it's tail 
feathers now but has still to fully replace all the inner secondaries. In the 
past ten days since I first photographed it, it has also shed it's two, 
worn outermost primaries on each wing and is actively starting to grow in the 
outermost primary on each wing - which is visible in good light and in photos- 
it is essentially missing at least it's outermost primary on each wing now. 

Given the energy needed to complete moult and the fact that the bird seems happy 
in it's chosen environment, it could well hang around until moult is complete 
and then move on.

An amazing, charismatic rarity hanging around for so long has put CT back on the 
map for producing quality birds (cheers, Dennis).


Julian Hough

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