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Wed Aug 18 14:27:14 EDT 2010

8/18  Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center    10AM-1PM
cloudy 75-80, low tide, receding.
 At the Purple martin condo were a total of 7 Purple Martins (4  Adults, 3 
Juveniles)-the most I have seen at one time here.
At 10AM the 4 juvenile ospreys were in the nest area-2 on the nest, 2 on  
the perch. At 10:15AM the female adult brought in a fish to eat on her perch, 
 which got the juveniles to call and beg for the fish.  At 11:10AM the  
female brought the remainder of the fish on to the nest and one of the 
juveniles  snatched some of the fish.  
There was a Northern Waterthrush on the marsh edge, next to a juvenile  
yellow crowned night heron.  Beautiful yellow breast with brown  streaking,
brown eye line and yellowish supercillium, quite a tail bobber.
Other species seen at the front feeder:mourning doves, 6 monk parakeets,  
house finches, house sparrows, , chickadees, cowbirds, common grackles.
In the marsh area were barn swallows, Red winged blackbirds, 2 Great  
egrets, 2 snowy egrets, 
2 Juvenile yellow crowned night herons (1 Adult, 1 juvenile) 6 Black ducks, 
 mallards, Black bellied plovers, semipalmated sandpipers, semipalmated 
plovers,  Greater yellowlegs, common terns fishing.  2 of the juvenile RWBBs 
were  scrutinizing the fiddler crabs, poked at them with their beaks, but not 
quite  sure what to do with them.
The center was very busy with visitors from all over the country  today.
Bev Propen, Orange

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