[CT Birds] Protection for some foreign birds

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Thu Aug 19 14:55:52 EDT 2010

Three Foreign Birds Earn U.S.  Protection 
Following a lawsuit by the Center for Biological  Diversity, the U.S. Fish 
and Wildlife Service this Tuesday announced it will  protect three imperiled 
foreign birds -- the Andean flamingo, Chilean woodstar  and St. Lucia 
forest thrush -- under the Endangered Species Act. The Andean  flamingo, one of 
three flamingos native to the Andes mountain range, is  threatened by habitat 
loss, wetlands contamination, tourism, development and  hunting. Its fellow 
South American bird, the beautiful Chilean woodstar of Chile  and Peru, is 
declining fast mostly from habitat loss and insecticide poisoning.  Farther 
north in the Caribbean, the St. Lucia forest thrush is being jeopardized  by 
large-scale deforestation of its lush island  home. 
The Center has gone to court several times to speed  U.S. protection for 
these and 70 other endangered birds across the globe,  compelling the Fish and 
Wildlife Service to declare that 50 of them warrant  safeguards. Of those, 
10 have been protected under the Endangered Species Act so  far. 
Bev Propen,  Orange

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