[CT Birds] insects and birds

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I think Barbara's question is a real good one.

I also have noticed such an absence of insects this year, and it seems to be 
across the board. The vegy garden has much less leaf bits and holes,(I have an 
organic garden) and in the wild insects are noticably down. I believe the lack 
of rain during early summer and now in August might be part of the cause.

So with the fall migration about to begin very soon, will there be enough food 
for the insect birds to eat?
I guess we will soon find out. 

Paul Carrier

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Subject: [CT Birds] Insect population
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I may have missed it, but has there been any discussion about the insect 
population this Spring/Summer?  I have noticed it is way down, from mosquitoes, 
to flies, to dragonflies, to even ants.

Just came back from my usual summer trip to northern NH and experienced the 
same:  virtually no mosquitoes (unheard of!), saw very few dragonflies, etc.

Wondering how it has affected the birds...


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