[CT Birds] Wilson's Storm-petrel +

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Mon Aug 23 16:36:52 EDT 2010

After all of the rain last night and yesterday afternoon, Greg Hanisek and I decided to check out some of the places that gather water on expances of lawn and collect shorebirds. 

The highlights of the day are as follows:

Seaside Park in Bridgeport... one Ring-Neck Pheasant
                                           2  Spotted Sandpipers

McKinney Wildlife Area - Stratford... one pale Cliff Swallow that gave us some excitement, until we figured what we were really seeing.
     5 species of swallows altogether
     1 Clapper Rail
     1 Common Loon
      500+ Semipalmated Sandpipers ( Oak Bluff Ave)

Stratford Point... 1 WILSON'S STORM PETREL... first in Ct for me, and Ct bird number 328.

Milford Point... 1 Black Tern

Bill Banks

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