[CT Birds] migrants

Lisa Gagnon lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 14:34:24 EDT 2010

from lisa east hampton, 8/24/10.  have some birds that have showed up today that 
were here in spring and havent heard most of summer, female rose breaseted 
grosbeak did not have them at all. that was nice to see, baltimore orioles are 
coming in, they never stayed in the nieghborhood this summer. lots of 
goldfinches, house finches, chicadees, titmice, cardianls, downy woods, 
flickers, morning doves, had a huge group of at least 60 grackles, tvs flying 
over, red shoulders have been quiet though. have had eastern screech owls to, 
and 2 skunks and 1 little coon and 1 coyote. waiting to see who shows up in 
the next few weeks.  
Lisa Marie Gagnon


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