[CT Birds] Nighthawks at Sherwood 8/25

DEIRDRE MURTHA sdmurtha at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 26 09:41:24 EDT 2010

To add to Frank Mantliks Fairfied Nighthawks, at 6-7 pm Wednesday we had large numbers over Sherwood Island.  Impossible to get an accurate count as they were overhead constantly and moving every which way, some very high and some very low, but I would estimate at least 20.

Also, 5-6 SemiPalmated Plovers, 10+ semipalmated sandpipers, 1 probable White-rumped sandpiper, 1 Spotted sandpiper, 1 GB Heron, several Great and Snowy Egrets, large numbers of Laughing gulls, and a Peregrine Falcon which made a beeline over the channel to Burying Hill Beach and continued on at a good clip.

Just after dark at Grace Salmon Park, there were 6-8 Black-Crowned Night herons (1 immature), 1 Yellow-crowned, 2 GB Herons, 3 G Egrets, and a small flock of peeps (10-15) that never seemed to settle down.

-Sean, Brendan, and Graham Murtha

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