[CT Birds] 8/27 - Birdcraft: 9 Warbler sp ++

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Fri Aug 27 10:36:13 EDT 2010

 From Alex Burdo and James Orrico:

We spent the morning at the Birdcraft Sanctuary in Fairfield from  
6:15-9:30 where we were able to accumulate a list of 9 species of  
warbler as well as other highlights. The area with the most activity  
was definitely the trees surrounding the pond on the west side and we  
had most of our highlights there. The activity was spread out but  
during the time we were present, but there was definitely more action  
from 7 onward.

Here's a list of what we were able to come up with:

Magnolia Warbler (2)

Yellow Warbler (1)

Black-throated Blue Warbler (1)

Black-throated Green Warbler (1)

Black-and-White Warbler (1)

American Redstart (5)

Northern Waterthrush (1)

Common Yellowthroat (1)

Canada Warbler (1)


Black-crowned Night-Heron (2)

Green Heron (1)

Red-eyed Vireo (1)

Philadelphia/Warbling Vireo (1) Really quick look at bill and tail. I  
knew immediately it wasn’t a Red-eyed but wasn’t able to see the rest  
of the bird to confirm the species

Catharus sp. (1)  (I know I’m better than this!!) A very interesting  
bird. This bird was in the shade and sat in one spot for a good minute  
where I was able to study it. I saw no rust whatsoever, it didn’t have  
the eye-line or buffy throat of the Swainson’s, it was definitely not  
a Veery as the spots were distinct. I’m not saying the bird is a Gray- 
cheeked/Bicknell’s because of the conditions. The bird was in a very  
shady and low lit area where it was tough to get a gauge on the exact  
coloration of the bird. Actually, the photo makes it look a lot like  
a  Swainson’s although I confirmed that it was not. If you have any  
thoughts please post a comment.

Photos of the Catharus at this link: http://floridascrubjay.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/82710-birdcraft-fall-warbs/

Alex Burdo
Fairfield, CT

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