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Fri Aug 27 12:47:27 EDT 2010

This morning , Friday Aug the 17th, received a call from Wayne Meagher at 
Colebrook reservoir.

He reported seeing waves of Warbles and other passarines moving through the 
woods from 8 to 9:30 by the river. He managed to name over 14 species of 
warbler, but many got by un named. He also saw an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER in with 
the mix.
Wayne said he was busy the whole time there. Shore birds though were absent. He 
also saw bunches of Waxwings catching insects over the river as I report below 
about seeing Waxwings over a field doing the same.

After hearing this, I went to Bakersville swamp at 9:00 and saw the following:

2 - Empidonax Flycatcher - presumed they were Willow/Alder. Both nest here.
2 - Purple Finch
3 - Warbling Vireo
1 - Red-breasted Nuthatch
2 - Swamp Sparrow
 And some other common birds.
Their were warblers putting down from the sky around the distant Mt, but only 
had one Redstart here.

But the thrill of the morning was - 

A swarm of Swallows! Just over the field behind the house there were at least 50 
plus Swallows
flying about catching I believe ants that were also swarming up from this field. 
Most were Tree, but second were Barn and a few Bank and 2 Cliff.

A half Hr after, on my way back, their were a  hundred plus Cedar Waxwings doing 
the same at the field across from the swamp. They were swarming about over the 
field catching the rising ants there. What a sight this was.

Stub Hollow Rd; New Hartford Saw:

1 - Least Flycatcher
1 - YELLOW BELLIED FLYCATCHER - both on right in wet area just off Rd by stream.

West Hill Rd, New Hartford saw: - On left near the top are a line of tall Spruce 
trees. I scanned well and saw just one bird. A CAPE-MAY WARBLER. Through the 
years in the fall, I have had the best luck seeing this bird in late August. 
Good place to see them is cemeteries which have tall old spruces.

Oh what will tomorrow bring?

Paul Carrier

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