[CT Birds] quiz - solution (sort of)

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Sat Aug 28 20:33:32 EDT 2010

The answers to the quiz were all over the lot. I'll say more about them 
eventually, but for now I've replaced the original quize photo with a 
different view of the bird which should clear things up considerably. You 
still have to name it though. Four people did based on the original photo.


Greg Hanisek

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> I've gotten quite an array of answers to the photo quiz. I won't say 
> anything about that array at the moment but I promised a hint. Here's one 
> (such as it is):
> David B. Irons, who works in migratory bird management for the U.S. Fish & 
> Wildlife Service, has called this "the most misidentified bird in North 
> America."
> Actually, Mark told me Mr. Irons said this, so he's responsible for both 
> the photo and the clue.  If you haven't checked it out, the link is below. 
> If you're up for an answer, e-mail it to me, rather than posting it on the 
> blog.
> Greg Hanisek
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>> Try your luck/skill
>> Greg Hanisek
>> Waterbury
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