[CT Birds] Scantic River Birds

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Sat Aug 28 23:36:04 EDT 2010

8/28  AM  Scantic River Mill Pond, Somers
While enjoying the nice weather paddling on the Scantic River this morn, I 
observed 39 species including 1 Great Egret, which has been hanging around 
the Pond for a couple weeks now, 2 BROWN THRASHERS, and a Spotted Sandpiper, 
near a sandy take out just upstream of the Pond.  Lots of juvenile birds as 
well including young robins, bluebirds, and rose-breasted grosbeaks.  Bird 
of the day though were the Cedar Waxwings hawking insects everywhere.

Jan in Somers 

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