[CT Birds] Gull-Goldfinch Questions

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My pair of goldfinch who were with me all summer, seemed to delight in 
eating the petals of some of the flowers in my garden (helianthus, 
coneflowers, and bee balm).  I got some nice photos of them perched on the 
stems, petals sticking out of their beaks.  Little devils!

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> Have two questions to ask..........
> # 1 - Recently, I saw 3 Ring-billed Gulls fly by near a Mall in 
> Torrington.
> All 3 were in direct flight, but they were occasionally cutting about as 
> they
> flew
> as if catching insects from the air as swallows often do.
>  I have never seen Gulls do this before.
> Has anyone ever seen this behavior in gulls before?
> #2 - this morning, I again saw 7 Goldfinch on the side of the road
> picking and eating the big leaves of Coltsfoot. I saw them doing this
> 2 days before in same spot. Last year, they ate my Swiss-chard
> in the same manner, perching on the leaf then eating
> only the areas between the veins. A bit unusual to see a passerine bird 
> species
> eating leaves.
> Has anyone ever seen this behavior in Goldfinch before?
> Paul Carrier - Harwinton
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