[CT Birds] Another interesting bird fact

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Tue Aug 31 11:48:45 EDT 2010

My friend Wayne has seen Chipping Sparrows in his garden eating HOT PEPPERS!

see below

  Wayne states:  The only peppers that were eaten by the Chipping Sparrows were 
the hot bright orange ripe peppers and none of the green! Also the habaneros are 
thin skinned and easy to get into.
 Wayne Meagher

It seems they are opening the hot peppers up and eating the seeds inside. I 
assume by birds having no saliva or taste buds in their mouth, the hot capicen 
to them has no taste or burn effect.
 BUT - their stomach has saliva and soft tissue, so are they enjoying the burn 
of these hot peper seeds in their stomach?Interesting.........

 Just a tid-bit of research information,from gardening blog.
 "Birds fly into the gardens to look for insects, finding the habaneropepers by 
being brightly colored and nice and sweet they have a field day with them. After 
they have found them, the birds are tough to get rid of. "

Paul Carrier

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